Civils 2000

Month: Aug 2013

Major Environmental and Construction challenges faced in the upgrading of Main Road between St James and Kalk Bay, Cape Town



The scenic 4.5 km stretch of coastal road between Muizenberg and Clovelly, one of the only three routes linking the Cape Town Metropolitan area with the far south, had been re-surfaced in 1994 using a hot in-situ recycling method which was designed to last approximately ten years.

As a result of this road starting to show signs of serious distress, the City of Cape Town appointed Kayad Knight Piesold Consulting Engineers to undertake an initial assessment of its condition in September 2006.  It was subsequently determined that, in addition to the generally poor condition of the road pavement, the undergoing services (water mains, stormwater, and both gravity and pressure sewage pipes) were severely degraded and needed to be replaced urgently.

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