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Month: Nov 2016

Century City MyCiti IRPTN Station


The Century City MyCiTi Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) Station was designed and constructed for Rabie Property Group between June 2013 and September 2015.  This project was done in close consultation between Rabie property Group and Transport for Cape Town, City of Cape Town, as the tenant of the facility on behalf of the MyCiTi System.  HHO Africa was the lead consultant.


In a continuation of the MyCiTi design ethos, the project team concentrated on developing aesthetically pleasing infrastructure that would enhance the Century City urban environment and attract passengers into the system.  This has been achieved through appropriate and creative architectural design, the hard and soft landscaping of the IRPTN precinct, and the implementation of local artwork.

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Burgan Cape Terminals – Fuel Storage Facility


Burgan Cape Terminals (Pty) Ltd (BCT) is an independent storage company constituted by VTTI B.V. (Holland), JICARO (RSA) and Thebe Investment Corporation (RSA) to develop a much needed fuel storage facility in the port of Cape Town.  In 2015 BCT signed a 20-year lease agreement with the Port of Cape Town for the use of the site on the Eastern Mole.

Chemie-Tech SA (Pty) Ltd, a Dubai-based company specialising the construction of storage facilities, was awarded the project in late 2015, and they in turn appointed Franki Africa as their specialist geotechnical contractor to design and construct the foundations.

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