Civils 2000

Our People

Behind every great project is a dedicated team of people, and our strength and success lies in harnessing the expertise of each individual in order to meet our objectives and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our team has grown substantially over the last 2 decades and we currently employ over 500 permanent staff members.


Ashraf Mohamed
Colin Shapiro
Justin Spreckley (Managing Director)
Kevin Hosking
Tania Hendricks

Contracts Managers and Senior Site Agents

Kevin Daddy
Paul-Jacques Coetzer
Gerard Peters
Adrian Wellcome

Tendering & Procurement

Colin Shapiro
Warren Calderwood
David Ward

Financial Manager

Derrick Meder

Plant & Workshop

Percy Edwards (Plant & maintenance manager)
Dirk du Toit (Plant utilisation & operator manager)

RoadSmart Asphalting

Morne Botha (General Manager)

SHEQ Department

Jeff Mawhinney (SHEQ Manager)
Wayne Benjamin (H&S Manager)

Human Resources

Tania Hendricks (HR Director)


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