Civils 2000

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Durbanville Racecourse Upgrade

With refurbishment work having commenced at Durbanville racecourse, we popped around to check on the progress and chat to course manager extraordinaire Dean Diedericks on the plans.

When we met on a sunny Durbanville afternoon, most of the straight had been carefully lifted and relocated to a nursery area that has been established in the centre of the track.  Civils 2000 were granted the tender for the job and there was assorted earth moving equipment scattered around the track and groups of people studying, measuring, staring off into the distance and fastidiously making notes.

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Century City MyCiti IRPTN Station


The Century City MyCiTi Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) Station was designed and constructed for Rabie Property Group between June 2013 and September 2015.  This project was done in close consultation between Rabie property Group and Transport for Cape Town, City of Cape Town, as the tenant of the facility on behalf of the MyCiTi System.  HHO Africa was the lead consultant.


In a continuation of the MyCiTi design ethos, the project team concentrated on developing aesthetically pleasing infrastructure that would enhance the Century City urban environment and attract passengers into the system.  This has been achieved through appropriate and creative architectural design, the hard and soft landscaping of the IRPTN precinct, and the implementation of local artwork.

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Burgan Cape Terminals – Fuel Storage Facility


Burgan Cape Terminals (Pty) Ltd (BCT) is an independent storage company constituted by VTTI B.V. (Holland), JICARO (RSA) and Thebe Investment Corporation (RSA) to develop a much needed fuel storage facility in the port of Cape Town.  In 2015 BCT signed a 20-year lease agreement with the Port of Cape Town for the use of the site on the Eastern Mole.

Chemie-Tech SA (Pty) Ltd, a Dubai-based company specialising the construction of storage facilities, was awarded the project in late 2015, and they in turn appointed Franki Africa as their specialist geotechnical contractor to design and construct the foundations.

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Brug-Projek is n ‘monument’

“Goeie samewerking tussen SANRAL, die provinsiale en plaaslike regering het gesorg dat die mylpaal vandag gevier kan word.”

So het Sanral-streekbestuurder vir die Wes-Kaap, Kobus van der Walt, gesê tydens die amptelike opening van die Pacaltsdorp-brug oor die N2 wat verlede Vrydag gevier is.

Die amptelike opening van die Pacaltsdorp-wisselaar en die voetgangerbrug oor die N2 naby Rosedale is ook, as deel van die projek, by die geleentheid ingesluit.

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Brûe oor N2 vorder fluks

Die nuwe voetgangerbrug oor die N2 tussen Thembalethu en die Pacaltsdorp motorbrug, is ‘n onderwerp van groot belangstelling.

Debra Sauer, assistant-mediaskakel-beampte van die George-munisipaliteit, sê volgens werkers op die N2 kom staan daar gereeld nuuskieriges by die brug om foto’s te neem van die brug se ontwerp.  “Dit het die vorm van ‘n seemeeu of tipe voël in vlug en die paaidjie op die brug is ook nie heeltemaal plat gebou nie,” sê sy.

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R60 Million Pedestrian Bridge & Pathway

GEORGE NEWS – Pacaltsdorp and Thembalethu residents who usually walk to the Garden Route Mall will from September be doing their shopping with greater ease and security.

A 5.5km pathway is being built adjacent to the N2 as part of the South African National Roads Agency’s (SANRAL) project to make it safer for people to walk to their destinations without their lives being endangered by having to cross the highway on foot.

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Pacaltsdorp Footbridge

The Pacaltsdorp footbridge is a new and valuable link crossing the N2 national highway for the commuters from the new Pacaltsdorp township accessing work opportunities in George and the surrounding industrial areas. For SMEC South Africa, the challenge set by SANRAL was to create a design that complemented both the surrounding built and natural environments. Of course, it also had to attract pedestrians towards it and away from the highway.

First, concepts with simply supported precast concrete beams and cast-in-situ continuous concrete decks were considered. However, after some review, the idea of giving the bridge some individual character gained support. More natural forms were investigated and the concept of a multispan arch structure supporting a stress ribbon deck was chosen. The shallow arches flow across the highway and the stress ribbon across the arch.

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The African Business Journal: Civils 2000

On August 4, 1992, Robert Starke and Colin Shapiro made their move from directorships at a publically listed company and founded Civils 2000, the South African Civil Engineering Construction Company, headquartered from Cape Town.  It was an exciting yet tentative time as the two experts stood alone and began to build the company which today employs hundreds of people throughout its office in Tokai and supporting offices in Port Elizabeth, George, Plettenberg Bay and Hopefield near Saldanha Bay.

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Bigger, better, über Audi

Located on Imam Haron Road, previously Lansdowne Road, the privately owned dealership of Audi Centre Claremont occupies a vast 8000m² site, with 200 parking bays, eclipsing anything else presently offered in this sector of Claremont.  Four old buildings were demolished to make way for the expansive and impressive flagship dealership, which is viewed as a massive injection of investor confidence into the area. 

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Major Environmental and Construction challenges faced in the upgrading of Main Road between St James and Kalk Bay, Cape Town



The scenic 4.5 km stretch of coastal road between Muizenberg and Clovelly, one of the only three routes linking the Cape Town Metropolitan area with the far south, had been re-surfaced in 1994 using a hot in-situ recycling method which was designed to last approximately ten years.

As a result of this road starting to show signs of serious distress, the City of Cape Town appointed Kayad Knight Piesold Consulting Engineers to undertake an initial assessment of its condition in September 2006.  It was subsequently determined that, in addition to the generally poor condition of the road pavement, the undergoing services (water mains, stormwater, and both gravity and pressure sewage pipes) were severely degraded and needed to be replaced urgently.

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