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Civils 2000 considers the well-being of our people, the public at large and the environment as a business priority. In addition the Civils 2000 Group is proud to contribute to the transformation of our country’s workforce.

CIDB Classification & Capabilities

To give our clients the assurance that we have the capacity and capabilities to undertake projects of any scale, both Civils 2000 and RoadSmart Asphalting are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). Following strict scrutinization by the CIDB, Civils 2000 was awarded the highest classification of 9CE/8GB, which confirms our capability to undertake construction projects with an unlimited value. Similarly, Roadsmart Asphalting was awarded the classification of 6CE/6SB, validating their ability to undertake asphalting and chip sealing projects with a value of up to R10 000 000.

View Civils 2000 CIDB registration
View Road Smart Asphalting CIDB registration


Committed to ensuring an equitable and sustainable future for all, Civils 2000 are immensely proud to be a Level One B-BBEE certified organisation, and we are fully compliant with B-BBEE requirements as legislated by Provincial and Municipal authorities. The company will continue to strengthen its B-BBEE profile to benefit all stakeholders, and ensure a well-positioned and progressive future for Civils 2000.

View Civils 2000 Level 1 B-BBEE Certificate
View Road Smart Asphalting Level 1 BBBEE certificate

To ensure legal compliance in all areas, we subscribe to Data Dynamics; a web-based legal compliance service provider.


We consider our employees to be the greatest asset of our company and work to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all. Our HIV and Aids Treatment and Workplace Programme, conducted in conjunction with CareWorks, encourages employees to know their status and receive the necessary support and understanding they need.


Our SACPCMP-registered Health & Safety practitioners are supported by our Safety Committee and well-trained and experienced Safety Representatives, First Aiders and Fire Fighters. The application of our H&S system is monitored by regular reviews, routine audits and regular safety meetings are held to discuss internal and external audit findings, to review and update the identification of emerging hazards and risk assessments, and to identify best practice safety and health monitoring and management methods. To ensure the continuous improvement of our safety management system we undertake frequent safety audits and inspections.


We strive for sustainable development by reducing the impact that our activities have on the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and proactively managing outputs that impact negatively on the environment. We focus on recycling and reusing in an attempt to minimise our footprint and create a balance between economic efficiency and ecological sustainability. We utilise best-practice methods on site to ensure risks to the environment are controlled and we monitor our environmental management system via routine inspections and internal audits.


Our Quality Management System (QMS) ensures that we manage and control our project delivery and business processes using the business excellence model approach. We set quality management system goals and objectives and monitor our performance to ensure we achieve our objectives and continuously improve our performance. We always seek innovative practices that will reduce barriers to excellent performance. Our QMS is based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international management system standard, and we are working towards attaining ISO 9001:2015 certification.
Quality Policy and Objectives


We continually assess our occupational and organisational capabilities with the aim of implementing measures to continually improve, and to manage the challenges faced by our organisation. Training and communication are key factors in addressing this objective and our employees undergo both in-house training and SAQA/CETA accredited competence training and skills development. We have a dedicated team focused on identifying, developing and implementing our company-wide skills development programme. We review the effectiveness of the training and always strive for the best results.

We also have corporate and individual membership to the following professional bodies:


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