Civils 2000

Pacaltsdorp Pedestrian Bridge, N2, George, Western Cape

Civils 2000 was commissed by the George Municipality to improve existing infrastructure on the N2 to cope with increasing traffic flow, and provide a safer means for pedestrians to cross the highway.

The project entailed widening the Pacaltsdorp Interchange Bridge, providing a new carriageway and additional turning lanes, and constructing a new self-anchored, stress-ribbon arch pedestrian bridge across the highway, to create a safer and more accessible pedestrian space.

Civils 2000 completed all aspects of the project, including earthworks, pipe-fitting, the construction of stormwater drains, traffic islands, road pavements, rehabilitation of existing asphalt, and all additional infrastructure such as street lighting and traffic signs.

The project was completed in April, 2015 and was subsequently awarded the SAICE Vital Engineering Award 2016, and 2017 Fulton Award for concrete innovation.

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