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Century City MyCiti IRPTN Station


The Century City MyCiTi Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) Station was designed and constructed for Rabie Property Group between June 2013 and September 2015.  This project was done in close consultation between Rabie property Group and Transport for Cape Town, City of Cape Town, as the tenant of the facility on behalf of the MyCiTi System.  HHO Africa was the lead consultant.


In a continuation of the MyCiTi design ethos, the project team concentrated on developing aesthetically pleasing infrastructure that would enhance the Century City urban environment and attract passengers into the system.  This has been achieved through appropriate and creative architectural design, the hard and soft landscaping of the IRPTN precinct, and the implementation of local artwork.


The Century City MyCiTI bus station is a fit-for-purpose bus terminal situated within an already busy and functional public transport interchange.  The new terminal station provides seamless integration with the two other public transport modes (e-parking and minibus taxi rank) and with the Century City pedestrian network.  This station includes a complex configuration to the exterior and interior of the station building to accommodate the integration of high-floor and low floor bus docking, and considerable passenger space within the facility to accommodate complex boarding and alighting interfaces, due primarily to the number of operational routes converging on this station.

The interchange had to be fitted into an existing public transport interchange on a site with fixed dimensions and competing space requirements.  The required conventional platform face for the MyCiTi station was longer than the site dimensions.  Innovative use of angled platforms reduced the required platform length to fit the site, without sacrificing the operational efficiency of the station


The Century City MyCiTi station facilities were implemented as a further network phase to the growing MyCiTi network.  The system implementation plan required the readiness of this station to coincide with other network routes and infrastructure, as well as the availability of additional bus fleets.  The operation readiness of the infrastructure, and the handover to the City of Cape Town as tenant of the facility were achieved in advance of the due date, and well within budget.

Benefit of the Community

The MyCiTI station has benefited the Century City precinct and local communities on the various bus routes by providing them with a world-class public transport service, with the terminal station giving them access to Century City and the network of routes served by it (greater part of Cape Town).

The City of Cape Town requested the inclusion of a limited retail facility alongside the IRPTN ticket kiosk.  These small retail spaces form an integral part of the station kiosk and are intended as a localised convenience outlet serving the commuters.

Attention to details such as universal access ensures that the Century City MyCiTi bus station is accessible to all citizens who can now enjoy the benefits of low cost, high quality, reliable and efficient public transport.


Public transport projects are inherently environmentally sustainable projects, as they reduce the number of cars on the road network, affecting levels of congestion.  The busses have low noise and emissions specifications and can use clean fuel technologies.  Public transport such as MyCiTi is socially sustainable as it promotes low cost mobility and is affordable to the urban poor, but remains high quality, reliable and efficient.


Source: Civil Engineering Magazine, SAICE
Date: November 2016
Reference: Vol 24 No 10 p56

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