Civils 2000


The 2017 Fulton Awards

This article summarises the 2017 winners and commendations of the prestigious Fulton Awards (often dubbed the “Oscars” of the concrete industry), hosted every second year by the Concrete Society of Southern Africa to recognise innovation and design excellence in the use of concrete.


This multi-span arch structure supporting a stress-ribbon decl, with shallow arches flowing across the highway and the stress-ribbon across the arch, is both unique and innovative. This design creates an aesthetically pleasing, self-anchored structural system that is semi-integral with the practical advantage of no expansion joints. Conventional formwork was used for the deck with the soffit following simple circular curves.

This bridge is thought to be a world first for a concrete self-anchored, arch-supported, stress-ribbon bridge and showcases how functional concrete structures can be positive additions to the local environment.

Commendation:  Category – Innovation in Concrete

Location: George (Western Cape)

Submitted by: SMEC South Africa

Client: South African National Roads Agency Ltd SOC

Principal Agent: SMEC South Africa

Main Contractor: Civils 2000


Reference: The 2017 Fulton Awards. Saice CIVIL ENGINEERING, 25(5) pp29-33

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